ITO Shuzou Co.,Ltd.


Established in 1847

Enjoying good sake together leads to eternal friendship.



GooD  LOCation

ITO Shuzou brewery is based in Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture, central Japan.
Our brewery is located at the foot of the Suzuka-mountains in an area called "Sakura".  This area is rich in an award-winning mineral water which we use to make our sake.


Since 1847. We have produced our sake by hand using our traditional method.
Our sake is made following a traditional family recipe which results in a rich and unique flavor. 



Good Sake is made from good rice, good water, good technique, good climate and good communication.




Our product “Uzume Houjou no mai tokubetsu junmai” got Gold medal and Mie-junmai Trophy in International wine challenge 2017.
“Uzume Hizoushu 10years” got Bronze medal in International wine challenge 2016.


“Uzume Tennnyo no mai  junmai ginjou” is selected  “Mie Selection”.
“Uzume Hiten no mai  junmai daiginjou” was used in Ise-shima Samit 2016”.




I am JUN ITO, the 5th generation of our brewery.
We usually make good taste sake with our heart  and I hope to hear your voices “Oishii(delicious)”.
If you have a message of our sake, please contact our Facebook page.